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Our senior team provides the latest thinking on issues effecting growth and the capital markets.


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PJP: Will Big Pharma Continue to Outperform in 2016?

Reuben L. Sushman


The PowerShares Dynamic Pharmaceuticals Portfolio ETF (NYSEARCA:PJP) is a well established, (June 23, 2005), pure pharmaceutical ETF, with a small but well capitalized portfolio of 23 companies, that are equal weighted. The underlying index, the Dynamix Pharmaceutical Intellidex Index with the symbol {DZR} has 23 holdings as well. Both the Fund and the Index are rebalanced and reconstituted in February, May, August and November. 

Rate-Mageddon or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Welcome Higher Interest Rates

Gregory M. Thomas & Reuben L. Sushman


Given the strength of the November Jobs Report –nonfarm payrolls surged by 211,000 – and as emerging markets have begun to stabilize, it is near certain the Federal Open ...

PSP Yields 8.00% And Outperforms The S&P, But What Are The Risks?

Reuben L. Sushman


The PowerShares Global Listed Private Equity Portfolio ETF (NYSEARCA:PSP), is a well established fund, (inception 10/24/2006) with an attractive track record. It had a serious correction during the financial crises but has weathered the storm and come back...

Is XIV The Place To Be If Markets Stabalize And Volatility Declines?

Reuben L. Sushman


The VelocityShares Daily Inverse VIX Short-Term ETN (NASDAQ:XIV) is a rather simplistic (on the surface) security to take advantage of a fall in volatility. According to the sponsor, VelocityShares

EFA: Is This ETF A Safe Haven During Times Of Market Volatility?

Reuben L. Sushman


The iShares MSCI EAFE ETF (NYSEARCA:EFA) is a well-established ETF, with an inception date of August 14, 2001. Similar to other ETFs and global markets, it has had a significant correction since the end of July. 

FXI: Large Cap China, +7.50% YTD And 2.48% Yield, But What Are The Risks?

Reuben L. Sushman


The iShares China Large-Cap ETF, is a well-established ETF that until September 21, 2014 was based upon 25 securities. On September 22, 2014 it expanded to include 50 securities of the FTSE China 50 Index. 

Researchers at Google are racing to Develop Next Generation Battery Technologies

Gregory M. Thomas


Researchers at Google’s ‘X’ Laboratories are increasingly exploring ways to build better batteries which will be used to improve Google’s devices and a slew of consumer electronics.

JP Morgan Chairman Warns Volker Rule Could Affect Liquidity during the Next Crisis

Gregory M. Thomas


JPMorgan Chase Chairman Jamie Dimon warned that volatility in the U.S. Treasury market could be a ‘warning shot’ to investors. Mr. Dimon also warned that financial crises in the future could be made worse if there were to be a shortage of Treasury Bonds.