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Goldilocks is a Fairy Tale and the World Economy is on the Brink

Gregory M. Thomas


While most people are familiar with the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, they might not know the real story – where the bears ultimately punish her intransigence.

August 11, 2017, CEO Money Segment 1 with Gregory Thomas

Gregory M. Thomas on CEO Money with Michael Yorba & Mervyn Price


Discussion with a Michael and Mervyn on a number issues facing middle market CEO today including TPP, interest rates, trends in disruptive technology, and the potential fallout from a conflict in Korea.


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How to Transform Your Company into a Tech Company

Gregory M. Thomas


While my previous article tackled some of the reasons why every leader needs to start thinking of their company as a technology company. This article aims to look at the transition in terms of some of the tactical approaches a leader can use to transform your company into a tech company.

Why Every Company is a Technology Company

Gregory M. Thomas


Before the days of the internet, ‘technology’ companies focused on building computers, servers, and software - how things have changed. Today it is impossible for a company to make, market, or market its product without relying on some form of technology.​

Why War in the Pacific is All but Inevitable

Gregory M. Thomas


On Friday, 28 July 2017, a shot was fired around the world, 21st-century style.  It was not something that happened on the trading floors of the world’s financial capitals, nor was it something President Donald Trump fired off in an early morning tweet storm.

Instead, it was the announcement that North Korea’s latest missile test proved the country now had the capability to hit almost all of the continental U.S.

Trump's Uncomfortable Trip

Gregory M. Thomas on Dukascopy TV


'Donald Trump is just a man who is uncomfortable with democratically elected leaders.'

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Trump vs. Going Green

Gregory M. Thomas on Dukascopy TV


In light of Trump's vow to 'Make America Great Again' is there anything positive we can take from a Trump Presidency regarding renewable energy?

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Even With Macron’s Victory, Is Pax Europaea A Thing Of The Past?

Gregory M. Thomas


Emmanuel Macron easily won the second round of the French Presidential Election. This victory gave pundits a reason to hope the recent upheavals at the ballot box would soon be coming to an end.

However, many have continued to underestimate the damage that has already been done. In Luxembourg

Guide to Emerging Managers, Investors & Service Providers

Published by Buyouts Insider


375 Park Associates is listed in the 2017 Guidebook, the essential tool for new private equity and venture capital firms - p. 27.


Healthcare Trend - Male Contraception

Gregory M. Thomas on DukascopyTV


With the male contraception pill on the way, how will it impact the pharmaceutical sector and will men even take it?


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With Trumpcare on Life Support, What Will Happen to  Healthcare M&A?

Gregory M. Thomas



Repeal and replace, that has been the Republican diagnosis for healthcare reform in the US for more than seven years. As one learned on Friday, it is easier to come up with a catchy campaign slogan ...

Uncertainty Trumps All: 2017 U.S. Economic Outlook

Gregory M. Thomas



While it is too early to assess the full impact of the 2016 election; one thing is for certain, electing a bull to the run the china shop does raise several questions: (1) Will promises to create high-paying jobs materialize? (2) What will be the impact of tax reform?  (3) Will regulatory reform level the playing field? (4) How will healthcare reform impact employers?​

What the Fed's Decision Means for Middle Market Companies

Gregory M. Thomas


Unless you have been living under a rock you know the Federal Reserve decided to increase interest rates by 25 basis points on Wednesday.  The decision moves the Fed Funds rate from ¾ of a percent to 1 percent – a level it has not reached since October 2008. While rates remain near historic lows, the Fed signaled its plan continue raising rates over the near- to mid-term.