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Headquartered in the United States, ChemicalCo is a privately-held distribution and manufacturing company. 


We were brought on to lead the Southeast-Asian integration of ChemicalCo’s first major global acquisition which would include re-engineering sales, marketing, purchasing, supply chain, R&D, finance, and HR to achieve promised synergies on time and under budget.


This would include preparing the management of ChemcialCo for the merger and overseeing pre- and post-integration processes.


Gregory M. Thomas

Managing Director

With the support ChemicalCo’s regional and global management, we led implemented solutions to ensure SUCCESS.



ChemicalCo achieved multiple benefits from the acquisition including improved EBITDA from synergies realized through the merger, improved EBITDA independent of the merger, and a one-time improvement in WORKING CAPITAL requirements.

‘The key outcome of our planning effort was to ensure that Day 1 was executed flawlessly, with little impact on customers, employees and suppliers.  The merged business should not skip a beat on Day 1. The other target was to craft a robust synergy assessment and capture plan so that we could immediately begin executing redundancy elimination and consolidation efficiencies post-close.’


Chief Executive Officer