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BevCo is a federally licensed and bonded importer and distributor of spirits in the United States.  The company was running short of cash due to working capital pressures including the high cost of licensing and inventory.


We were asked to assist BevCo in restructuring their finances, which included securing access to short-term financing, a line of credit and purchase order financing.


Reuben L. Sushman

Managing Director

Following exhaustive due diligence and restructuring, we brokered financing based on BevCo’s short-term receivables at a competitive cost.



We closed US $78Mn in short-term, purchase order finance.  The financing not only improved the BevCo’s cash position but allowed them to grow in a ultra-competitive market.


Following the initial financing, Mr. Sushman stayed on in a contract CFO position, closing an additional capital raise through private investors.