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Aqua is a SaaS-enabled marketplace operating in a large online business where the value chain patches together small- to mid-sized producers in multiple countries and a disparate set of importers, wholesalers, and retailers in the U.S. 


Given Aqua’s technology, the company was starting to gain interest from prospective buyers – even though it was on actively marketing itself.

With this in mind, Aqua’s CEO asked the 375 Park team to submit a Valuation Opinion which would be used as the basis for ongoing negotiations.


Gregory M. Thomas

Managing Director

Our team put their expertise to work by scrutinizing the basis for valuing the company based on a scientific approach to determine the fair market value of the tangible and intangible assets of Aqua. 


This included pulling the required data from the client’s management team, developing a picture of the broader market, potential competitors, and examples of similar business models, and applying these learnings to multiple valuation models.

This included utilizing our proprietary Growth Opportunity Index™ - a robust AI-enabled decision-making engine based on insights into markets, technologies, and other factors – for analysis and modeling.



The resulting Valuation Opinion provided Aqua’s CEO with an in-depth overview of the fair market value for the company based on a variety of different methods.


Besides the opinion, the 375 Park team provided insights on negotiation strategies which have worked in the past and also helped to provide additional due diligence on the motivations of the likely buyers.

‘We had just received an offer to buy a majority stake, and we needed a good, professional benchmark for discussions.

The 375 Park team was able to build a very complete and strong valuation within a couple of weeks.

Greg was always available to chat, and his assumptions and data sources were rock solid.

We'll definitely continue to seek his expertise as we need more financial analysis.’

-- Aqua CEO