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Headquartered in Asian, LeanCo operates factories in Thailand and Myanmar.  The group has earned a reputation as a World Class Garment Manufacturer and recently won an award for excellence in lean manufacturing. 


However, senior management was at a crossroads due to generational change in management, increased competition, and a looming joint venture.


The client asked us to review the organization’s Strategy and Value Chain and to provide an action plan to address opportunities.


Gregory M. Thomas

Managing Director

Our approach was based on identifying opportunities to strengthen LeanCo’s ability to execute on their BIG AHA! - leverage the groups value proposition by offering manufacturing and design as a service. While also providing feedback on a proposed JV.




Based on input from the client, a new strategy was agreed to.  Part of this new strategy would be the focus on integrating with the value chains of key customers, in order to secure long-term revenue streams.


Also, the JV was put off as the factors for success were not present – this decision saved the client millions in future costs.  The capital saved on the JV was redeployed to modernize the group’s facilities in Myanmar.