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SafeCo is a global engineering-design and manufacturing company that markets material handling equipment for industrial applications through its sales offices and distributors in Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the US. However, after 4 years  of operation in the Asia-Pacific region, sales performance trailed other regions.


We were asked to help define the sales process (both direct sales and through agents), identify and perform due diligence on prospective agents, develop the resources required to support the process, and assist in building the sales network.


Gregory M. Thomas

Managing Director

After analyzing the SafeCo’s product, VALUE PROPOSITION, and market opportunity; a GO-to-MARKET strategy was designed and implemented across Asia-Pacific.



After six months, SafeCo’s sales network includes all major economies in the Asia-Pacific Region and is poised for broader growth as agents build awareness.  During the project period monthly sales records were broken twice in six months.