375 Park Associates

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26th Floor 

Seagram Building

375 Park Avenue

New York, NY 10152

+1 (212) 763-0159

A leader in the design and manufacture of  the highest-quality ‘Technical Jewelry’; SilverCo was going through a period of rapid growth in which revenues had increased by more than 1,300% in just over three  years. 


Despite the company’s success, a convoluted shareholding structure was syphoning profits and the management team was struggling to lead the fast-growing organization.  As such, ownership engaged us to transform shareholding structure whilst providing management the tools needed to lead the company forward.


Gregory M. Thomas

Managing Director

The change program at SilverCo spanned 14 months and included building consensus on the new shareholding structure as well as designing, implementing, and tracking new management systems.



Operational efficiency improved allowing the client to implement several new initiatives in quick succession.  All of which allowed output to soar almost fourteen-fold while maintaining the same headcount. 


Furthermore, rebalancing the shareholding structure allowed the client to increase EBITDA by almost 50% in the first year alone.